I’m starting this blog as a way to communicate with you (camp students) during winter camp.  You can use this blog to read and comment on interesting news articles I post and also watch useful videos.

You will create your own blog and write a new entry every day to say what you have did and learnt in camp that day.

We will discuss the articles / videos in class.  You can post any comments or questions on here too.  You can also share these blogs with friends who are not attending camp and if you want to show your parents some of your work you can!



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  1. gemmalunn
    Jan 02, 2012 @ 05:45:28

    Camp Diary:

    You don’t need to write a lot every day, just a few sentences about what you did and maybe mention some new words / things you learnt, then the the other students and I can comment on your posts.

    Example of your daily camp diary:

    Today at camp we played 2 truths and a lie game, we found out that Gemma didn’t do very well in her High School exams!!
    Also, we watched an episode of Glee, we saw how important American Football and Cheerleading are in American High Schools. We learnt some new words such as: passionate, awkward and detention (school punishment where you must stay at lunch or after school). I can’t wait for tomorrow because Gemma is the best teacher ever!! – haha you don’t have to write the last part, not every day anyway!!


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