Word of the week

urgh another miserable Friday! Hopefully it will be good weather this weekend.  I am doing the Busan 10K race on Sunday so I hope it will be sunny! 

So….word of the week is actually an expression ‘time flies’, this doesn’t mean literally like the picture – 


It mean times goes really quickly, we often say ‘time flies when your having fun‘ i.e. when you are enjying yourself the time passes really quickly, unlike when you are bored and time goes reeaallly slowly!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend x 


St Patrick’s Day

Did you know that tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day?

It’s an Irish holiday which is celebrated in many countries, mainly with a lot of parties  You can find information about the history of St Patrick’s Day on the above website.  You can also learn related words such as Leprechauns (see picture below) and rainbow. 



Word of the week – 16th March

Here is an adjective we can use to describe the weather and feelings.

Miserable = unhappy

The weather is really miserable today (gloomy, wet and not nice!) 

I’m miserable (unhappy).

So, even though the weather is miserable today I hope you’re not miserable too! Have a great weekend x  

Ulsan 10k race

Ulsan 10k race

Last week on Korean Independence Day I went (at 6am!) to Ulsan to compete in the Ulsan Marathon. I only ran the 10k race though not the marathon!
Here’s a picture of me looking hot and worn out after the race! Next race is in 2 weeks in Busan I will try to beat my time of 60 minutes!


Word of the week – wicked

This week’s word of the week is – wicked.

You might already know this word, but it has two meanings. The dictionary definition is –

– evil: Sadam Hussein was a wicked man.

– the wicked witch.

The meaning I want to tell you about is the slang version:

This song is wicked / This film is wicked/ That’s a wicked idea

In these cases it doesn’t mean evil it means – cool, excellent….

You can tell which meaning people use by the situation and how they say it i.e. not many people think Sadam Hussein was cool, so you know they mean evil!

I hope this is useful for you, ask me any questions you have about this word, or give me some examples of what you think is a wicked!

have a great weekend x




Learn lyrics to pop songs – click here for the website

This website is great fun, you can listen to pop songs and fill in the missing words, if you ‘create new account’ (its free) you can get points and compete with other people who use the website.