Word (Idiom) of the week

Seeing as you are probably all quite stressed and busy revising at the moment I thought I’d share an English idiom related to this –

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This means that everybody needs a certain amount of relaxation, it is not good to work/study all the time.  So make sure you have some rest and relaxation time after your exams!! .The idiom comes from an old English book (about a boy called Jack!).

Good luck with your exams.


Radio shows

So…after weeks of work today the G3 after school class recorded their fantatstic radio shows.

Radio show, show, show – produced and presented by Yu-ra 유라, Ju-hwui 주훠 and Hea-won 혜원 includes a problem call-in and traffic report.  Follow this link to listen to the fantastic show –  http://gemalunn.podomatic.com/

DJ is mine – produced and presented bu Seo-yeong 서영, Da-kyung 다경 and Tae-hee 태희 includes music & movie reviews and a sing-in!  follow this link to listen to the great show – http://gemalunn.podomatic.com/

Well done for all your hard work girls you should be proud of yourselves x

(1more show to come on Thursday)

Listen to Podcasts

This website has hundreds of good podcasts which are great listening practice, you can choose a topic that you are interested in such as music or culture and then choose a podcast which looks interesting.  

To G3 after school programme students you will be uploading your radio programmes to this website tomorrow! Once we have done this i’ll post a link to the radio shows.




Korean children …the unhappiest in the rich world?

I just read an article by a Korean journalist for a British newspaper, he said that a study found that Korean children are the unhappiest in the rich world 😦 I think you are probably the busiest and most stressed but I often see you smiling and laughing so hopefully you’re not that unhappy!?

What do you think………? are you mostly happy or unhappy with your life? post your answer below!

Problem pages

This website has information about teen problems, if you click on message board you can look at different problems and solutions, some are pretty serious but you can still get some good vocabulary and ideas from them.  They also have videos with pop stars, discussing different issues.


Music reviews

On this website you can read music reviews written by teenagers.  Again, don’t worry if you don’t understand every word you can still get the general idea and learn lots of new vocabulary to use in your radio shows.



Here you can listen to British radio shows – BBC 1 will be most interesting for you, it will be a little difficult but give it a try and don’t worry if you don’t understand everything, you’ll still be able to pick up some new words and expressions x


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