Well done Team SK!!

Wow the South Koren archery team have already broken two world records before the Olympics have officialy started! I didn’t know that Im Dong-Hyun is blind in one eye, that makes it even more amazing! Go Team SK and team GB (Great Britain).

Im Dong-Hyun breaks first world record of the Games - Im Dong-Hyun celebrates clinching a world record on opening day




Dakyung, Taehee and Seyoung’s presentation of ‘Fruitual’. I really loved your story board, remember – don’t use too much banana in your smoothies!




This shows what a tough job I have teaching rude students like Seoyoung! haha I’m only joking this is when she cut her finger – be careful making smoothies can be dangerous!
Nahyeon and Seoyeon I loved your idea for your advert and the story board was really good, well done.


Sexy Smoothie

Sexy Smoothie

Here are Kiyung and Mijoung presenting their health food company ‘sexy smoothie’. Great job girls.



Hi to any new students visiting my blog.


Above you can choose what you want to look at.  ‘Useful websites’ has websites which will help you practise and learn English, try some and let me know if they are good.  You can click ‘leave a comment’ to ask me questions, comment or just say hi!


Woops, the Olympics kicks off with a little mistake! Read the article to find out what happened –


3 days until the Olympics!

 These are the Olympics mascots, what do you think of them? I think they are a little bit weird!

Anyway, the Olympics opening ceremony is on Friday night (9pm English time) 5am Saturday Korean time.  I don’t think I’ll stay up or get up early so I’ll have to watch a repeat on Saturday morning.

If you watch the opening ceremony let me know what you think?

Also, who do you think will win a medal for Korea? 

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