Reading – not for a test but for fun!!

Hi, Happy Friday! 

In the English room there are a variety of books which you are free to come and read (at school or at home).  There are easy books and some which have CDs and more difficult books if you want to challenge yourself!  You can read books by Roald Dahl, a famous English writer who wrote many books including Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  I read all of his books when I was younger and I highly recommend them.  There are also crime books, romance novels and many more genres (types of books).  


I know you all have exams coming up again soon but when these are over why not come and take a book and have a go at reading for fun.  I remember the first time I read a whole book in Spanish I was really pleased with myself.  It wasn’t easy and at first it was really quite difficult but as I read more it got easier and I started to learn more and more words.  So come and ask me to help you choose a book and get reading! 



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