-Ice cream world-

Strawberry Choi travelled with her boy friend, Shooting Star Kang. They arrived at a villa in a mountain. Strawberry Choi was bored and suggested to Shooting Star Kang.

How about playing hide-and-seek?Just at the time, Shooting Star Kang was bored, too.

Okay. Ill count. Shooting Star Kang said. Strawberry Choi ran to find a place to hide.

Finally, she found a room. Strawberry Choi entered the room. The room just had a wardrobe. 88,89,90……..She heard Shooting Star Kangs voice. She entered the wardrobe. Strawberry Choi went through the wardrobe.

 She couldnt believe her eyes that in front of her was ice cream world.

 Strawberry said What a magical world~ and she ate chocolate ice cream. She said Oh, very sweet! I love it! Then, her eyes changed heart. Suddenly, a strange man appeared. He said Why did you come here and eat it my ice cream?”“Who are you? Um.. Who are you? They said together.

She said Im strawberry choi he said Im chocolate kim

Ch hello, nice to meet you~ Where are you from?

St Hi, Im from fruit world

Ch Im sorry about being angry

St Thats okay

Ch Come on~ This is my home

St Wow~ Um.. very sweet smell~

St Im going to propose

Ch Who?

St Its you~ Can you accept my proposal~?

Ch Um…”

Then the music Loving you started. Suddenly, vanilla jang who loved chocolate kim appeared. She looked beautiful. Vanilla jang fought with strawberry choi

Vanila jang : you stole my boy! Go away~

Strawberry choi : He loves me more than you

Vanilla jang: No he loves me!

Chocolate Kim: stop fighting!

Vanilla jang (shouting): Kim! You love me more than choi dont you?

Chocolate Kim: No Im dont love anybody

Chocolate Kim, Strawberry Choi, and Vanila Jangs trouble became more serious. Unfortunately, they both loved other people. Just then, a friend named Shooting Star Kang opened the wardrobe to find Chocolate Kim, Strawberry Choi, and Vanila Jang. She kept looking for them and went forward. Suddenly, she saw the world all covered with ice cream. She was confused, and started to look around. He saw Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanila fighting, and went there. Once Chocolate Kim saw him, his heart beat started to become faster. He felt in love with Shooting Star, and said I love you, Shooting Star Kang. Shooting star was happy, and they became a couple. Shooting star quit school, and lived in the Ice Cream World happily ever after.


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