New semester (term) – welcome back!

Hi, welcome back to school.

So, it’s the start of the new semester (in the U.K we say term, in the USA they use semester!).  I hope you are all feeling refreshed and ready to get back to studying!!

On my blog I will post links to useful websites and videos and also give you useful tips and information to help you practice your English.  I’ll also write about some of the activities I do in my free time so you can read this too and maybe learn some new words.

You can post any questions you have about English language / culture / history / music etc for me here and I’ll answer them.   If you click ‘follow’ you can receive updates via e-mail.

If you want you can also start your own blog and practice writing in English, maybe you could start a diary or just write about things that interest you, such as music, food or movies.   Let me know your blog address and I can comment on your posts, this is great writing practice and will also help you learn / remember more vocabulary.

So, don’t be shy, read my posts, comment on them and use some of the useful websites I’ve recommended.

Gemma 😉


Learning English website

There are lots and lots of websites which can help you learn and practise English, this website is one of the best ones.  It has a lot of useful and interesting activities for listening practice, learning vocabulary, reading and games. Enjoy!

Back to school

So after a long vacation we are all back to school today! I’m sure you’re not too happy about it!

If you want to continue writing on your blogs from time to time you should as it’s good practice and I can check your writing and make comments.  I will also continue to post any interesting links etc on my blog x