Quizlet – vocabulary revision website



This website is great for helping you to learn and review vocabulary. You can ‘sign up’ then enter all the words you want to remember and it will store the information and make tests for you too.


Give it a try and let me know if you need any help!


Japanese Students’ blog

Hi, here is a blog written in English by some Japanese students from Osaka. It has some great posts about music that I thought would be interesting for you, why not have a read and leave them a comment.


Teens Speak Out Magazine

Teens Speak Out

Check out this online magazine ‘Teens Speak Out’ made by students at a middle school in Haendae-


There’s a range of articles on topics such as music, fashion and opinion. It’s great reading practice and you can also leave the students comment.

Student Proverbs


I hope you are all keeping warm, it’s really chilly today!

Check out this amazing site which shows proverbs made by students at a high school in Seoul. My friend is their teacher and he set up this site to share the inspiring work his students did.



Hundreds of books at your fingertips


As I told some of you yesterday the Amazon Kindle is a great, free tool which can help you improve your reading skills and increase your vocabulary.  You can download many classic books for free on your phone, just download the Amazon Kindle app. 

If you want some recommendations or help just come and see me or comment here.

Happy reading!



Hi to any new students visiting my blog.


Above you can choose what you want to look at.  ‘Useful websites’ has websites which will help you practise and learn English, try some and let me know if they are good.  You can click ‘leave a comment’ to ask me questions, comment or just say hi!

Wonder Girls Interview

Check out this interview, The Wonder Girls speak great English!

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