Well done Team SK!!

Wow the South Koren archery team have already broken two world records before the Olympics have officialy started! I didn’t know that Im Dong-Hyun is blind in one eye, that makes it even more amazing! Go Team SK and team GB (Great Britain).

Im Dong-Hyun breaks first world record of the Games - Im Dong-Hyun celebrates clinching a world record on opening day



Woops, the Olympics kicks off with a little mistake! Read the article to find out what happened –


Wonder Girls Interview

Check out this interview, The Wonder Girls speak great English!

Korean children …the unhappiest in the rich world?

I just read an article by a Korean journalist for a British newspaper, he said that a study found that Korean children are the unhappiest in the rich world 😦 I think you are probably the busiest and most stressed but I often see you smiling and laughing so hopefully you’re not that unhappy!?

What do you think………? are you mostly happy or unhappy with your life? post your answer below!

Korean High School Documentary

For anyone who was absent on Friday, or anyone who wants to watch this video again, here it is.


Kuk Sool Won master

The BBC has an interesting video (only 3 miutes) about a Korean woman from a really poor family who left to be a Kuk Sool Won master America and she became the first female master and has just written a book about her life.  Have a look, it’s interesting





K Pop in the UK

K-pop is becoming more and more popular outside of Korea, some people in England know and like some K-pop artists now.  This website is for people who like K-pop in the UK, you can read some news about K-pop on here and make comments in the forums:


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